A Virtual Brokerage that grows their agents. 

Keep Your Commission and Get Powered by redKorr. 

Can I make a Team?  Yes, We highly encourage team building. We will train you how to build and maintain a successful team using proven systems.  You are welcome to interview and join a team when you join redKorr Real Estate within the first 2 weeks of joining redKorr.

Mentorship/Coaching?  Yes, we have a powerful mentorship/coaching program that will connect you with a proven company top producer who will help you grow your business.  You are welcome to interview the approved company mentors to see what their plan involves, their availability and the agreement including commission fees/splits will be. 

How do I get started?  It’s very easy. You simply start by clicking the “Join redKorr” link and schedule a phone consultation. We will send you a series of emails and videos explaining the step-by-step process of joining redKorr using our streamline on-boarding process. 

How often do you train?  Every week we have a live in-depth training that are on the company calendar in your agent portal. Remember you have access to all past trainings in your agent portal. 

Do you have one-on-one training for agents?  Yes we have a team leader mentorship program available for new agents.

Can I recruit agents to join?  Yes and get paid a bonus when you do so.

What does my personal website have?  A redKorr sub-domain, a CRM, a place to save and view your leads and your local MLS (IDX) feed on your website with home search capabilities.

Do I need a company email and what does a company email offer?   No, you are welcome to use your branded personal email we teach you to build your brand.

How much is the transaction coordinating platform?  Please see the transaction coordinating services list for details.

What services does the transaction coordination platform provide?  Please see the transaction coordinating services for details. 

What kind of marketing, design and brand services do you offer?  Inside of your agent portal you have access to several template and designs for your marketing efforts.

Can I get company leads?  Yes! Lead systems are available when you join the optional KorrAgent platform or join the Office Duty Virtual Office.

How much do I pay for company leads?  Company leads are available at a 40% referral fee back to redKorr.

Does everyone have to use company systems?  No, absolutely not! We only offer additional systems to help you grow your business.  You control which systems you choose to use. If you are currently using another 3rd party system that works for you, or if you don’t want to use that particular system at all, then that’s perfectly fine!

Do I get discounts if I use a 3rd party system that you are partnered with?  Yes!  All members of our Partnership plan provide discounts that get passed down to you. Want savings but don’t want to change providers? Ask your favorite 3rd party provider if they would like to become part of redKorr Partnership Program! 

Are you a HUD broker?  Yes.

What happens if I want to leave or no longer want to practice real estate?  We hate to see our agents leave us but we understand redKorr is not for everyone. All we ask is that you pay all outstanding or open balances.  We even let you take ALL your business with you!  You get to take all listings, buyers, clients, leads and data with you when you go including your current clients under contract. We hope to see you back soon!

How do I transfer my listings to you?  If you currently have listings, during the on-boarding process you need to get the proper form from your local MLS that allows the transfer of listing between brokers. This form needs to be filled out by you, signed by your previous broker and emailed to us for our signatures then sent to the MLS for the listing transfers to happen. But remember that not all brokers will allow you to bring your active listings with you. That is an agreement that was between you and your past broker that we have no control over.